Our greatest advocates are our existing clients. Here are a few things they’ve had to say about our services.

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General Testimonials

“Transcription Outsourcing was able to accommodate a quick turnaround for a 5-person interview used in an education research project. Elizabeth and Ben were personable, friendly and provided consistent communication throughout the process. I would use this service again, and I will be referring my colleagues in higher education.”

- Hillary M., Student, Denver

“I was very pleased with the quality of work from Transcription Outsourcing.  I used them to transcribe interviews for my dissertation research and some of the audio was tough to understand.  They have great quality control and most importantly they communicate with you throughout the process.  I had my questions answered promptly by email and …more

- Seth C., Student, Denver

Law Enforcement Testimonials

“Transcription Outsourcing has rescued us numerous times.  Just when we’re about to go under for the third time, we take a quick gulp of air, and rush some of our overload of work off to them.  In just a few days, back it comes, all finished, in our format and beautiful – and has allowed us to …more

- Iva M., Supervisor/Records Division, Washington

“Got it, looks good. Just wanted to send something over and see how the system works. Very pleased.”

- Steve W., Commander of Investigations, Illinois

Legal Testimonials

“The reports look great and the professor is very pleased. Thank you so much for your hard work and quality product. We will certainly consider your services in the future if the need arises. Again, thank you very much. It was a very smooth and pleasant process working with you.”

- K. Lyon, Student Assistant, University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Medical Testimonials

“The voice recognition system we tried was sucking the life out of me. I was 10 weeks behind after using it for 12 weeks.”

- S. Wright, MD, Primary Care, Denver

“I found the phone dictation system very easy and will be using you for all of my reports. I am so glad I found this service.”

- Robert W., MD, Psychiatry, Denver

“I’ve been using your system this week and have found it accurate and the turn-around is great.”

- Karen T., Family Nurse Practitioner, Colorado

“Transcription Outsourcing, LLC has met all of my transcription needs. Turnaround time is less than 24 hours, the dictation system is easy to use and the quality of the transcription is excellent. You have a client for life. Thank you!”

- Robert W., MD, Psychiatry, Colorado

“I have heard only good things about your transcription services. We have not heard any complaints from the Associate/Medical Directors or the Administrative Staff (budgeting). Therefore, we are all smiles here at CPHP. Thank you for all of your hard work and what you do!”

- Amanda P., Executive Assistant, Denver