Online Medical Transcription Services

online medical transcription servicesOnline medical transcription services are a mainstay of the healthcare industry.

Doctors, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare employees rely on top-quality transcriptions to maintain patient care records.

Medical transcriptionists are specially-trained to understand healthcare terminology, medical abbreviations, and insurance information in order to accurately transcribe medical dictations for medical transcription services online.

Our Medical Transcription Services integrate with existing EHR Systems

Many Electronic Health Record systems have built-in dictation storage and delivery that that can be adapted to many models of transcribing, including outsourcing or in-house solutions. This means that no matter what EHR you’re using, Epic or anything else, medical transcription online can be integrated easily.  That way, your notes can be better individualized per-patient, per-visit.  You don’t just have a broken leg, you have a broken leg due to a scooter accident, and that kind of specificity can be far more easily accomplished by dictation than trying to create report templates for each type of case.  It is much faster to dictate than to type.

Our Medical Transcription Specialists

Although it might seem like medical transcriptionists are in short supply, many opportunities exist for job seekers that wish to work in the medical or healthcare fields for just the reasons stated above.  There are many jobs, but it can be difficult to find them at first, since fewer and fewer places use individual transcription employees and more and more are using transcription companies.  As more and more hospitals switch to EHR systems, the benefits of using transcription become even greater as more and more notes are required in order to reach level four and five billing requirements.

Outsourcing medical transcribing online is an affordable alternative for medical offices, clinics, and hospitals.  Places are seeking a solution to the administration and added expenses of in-house transcription should try outsourcing these services. Taking into account the average salary of your facility’s employees, it makes a lot of sense to reserve the most time you can for their main job — not typing reports for hours per day.  You like helping your patients and we like helping your providers, so we’ll free up time for just that.  Doesn’t that just make sense?  Using a professional transcriptionist is less expensive.

Medical Transcribing Online is Easy


As long as your transcriptionists or transcription company is using a secure VPN into your EHR or has secure log in credentials if it is cloud hosted you will be within HIPAA to have your notes typed remotely.  It is the same as having someone down the hall or in the office downstairs and they could be 500 miles away working from home.

Online medical transcription services outsourcing is an affordable alternative to local report creation in your clinic, office, or hospital.  All the expenses and administration add up both in costs and effects, and it’s very simple to transition your office in to integration with online medical transcription services.  How?  There are several ways the process can work, depending on what is most convenient for your situation:

  • You can dictate your notes directly into an EHR and have a transcriptionist log in remotely and type.
  • You can dictate your notes into a smartphone app through the transcription company and return the notes to you in Word format, from which you can copy and paste into your secure system.
  • You can use an 800 call-in number to dictate and then have transcriptionists remotely log in OR return text document transcripts online.
  • You can dictate into a voice recorder and have someone in the clinic upload the files to an online transcription company’s website.

There are many ways the process can be arranged, but whichever you choose, medical transcribing online is very convenient and efficient — the best way for physicians to document each encounter fully and quickly.  Your files are tracked from inception to completion, as HIPAA requires.  Dictation start, finish, upload time received, transcriptionist start and end of typing, report returned date — all these events have associated time stamps so you can see each step if you need to verify them for billing or auditing purposes.

Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Due to transcription companies’ secure connections and HIPAA-compliant setups, a transcriptionist logging in for online transcription services is just as secure as someone down the hall logging on.  The transcription company’s platform is HIPAA-compliant, and their network connection is secure.  If your platform is hosted remotely, in the cloud, your connections are also secure, meaning there is encryption from end to end. Your EHR is secure and so is our platform, so the choice is really in your hands, which methods of online transcription services are a best fit for your business.

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