Medical FAQs / How It Works

How does Medical Transcription Outsourcing Work?

What does your free trial period entail?

Medical Transcription Outsourcing Services - How It Works

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC offers a 1,000 line free trial of our medical transcription outsourcing services, no strings attached.  During this free trial period you will receive a preview of our medical transcription outsourcing services, which include use of your corporate template, e-signature capability, HIPAA-compliant online platform access and a dedicated account manager to assist you.  We are confident that at the end of this trial you’ll choose to continue to use our industry leading services for all of your medical transcription outsourcing needs.

How much do your medical transcription outsourcing services cost?

In general we charge between 7 and 14 cents per line, based on the standard 65 character line. However we are willing to be flexible to meet your specific requirements or needs.  Electronic signatures, customer support, templates and formatting are all free of charge.  For more detailed information please visit our pricing page.

How are the dictations submitted?

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC’s dictations may be submitted by using our toll-free phone number, fully programmable into your phone system’s quick dial button.  Just dial in your ID number and start the dictation.  You may also choose to use a digital recorder, if you so prefer, and automatically upload your files to us through our online platform.  We encourage you to use your “canned phrases” or “normals”– this will help simplify your dictation process.

How is the dictation processed?

As soon as we receive the dictation, your pre-assigned transcriptionist will complete the transcription.  It is then edited for quality assurance and uploaded for your retrieval.

How do I retrieve my dictations?

Retrieving your dictations is made very simple by using Transcription Outsourcing, LLC’s secure, HIPAA-Compliant, Microsoft-based, software. Just log in on our web-based platform, type in your user name and password, and you will be able to view all of your returned dictations. You then have a choice to edit, approve or download your dictations. Completed reports can also be copied and pasted directly into your Electronic Medical Records system. Dictations can also be faxed or electronically signed directly from the platform.

Can I choose when I get my transcriptions back?

You can choose whatever turnaround time options that suit your needs. Our standard options are 4, 8,12, 24 or 48 hours, and our standard recommended turnaround time is 24 hours.

How secure are my transcriptions?

Through our HIPAA/HITECH compliant software and transmission protocols, all interactions between your computer and our system are highly secure and protected by our secure FTP and 128 SSL File Encryption security systems.  Our security protocol also includes network redundancy, VPN implementation and a secure firewall.  Detailed file reporting and tracking and user tracking is also available through the system.

How is your customer service?

We pride ourselves in being the best in the medical transcription outsourcing industry.  Whenever there are questions, concerns or issues, please contact our office directly, no request is too big or small.


The Online Medical Transcription Outsourcing Process

Process 1:  Submission and Retrieval Procedures 
Dictations are stored as digital voice files which are uploaded via the internet onto our secured FTP server or by calling our toll free dictation number.  Our pre-configured FTP site makes uploading the voice files and downloading the completed reports simple.

Process 2:  Transcription 
Audio files are assigned to transcriptionists dedicated to specific accounts, chosen for their expertise in a particular medical specialty.  The files are transcribed according to your specifications and samples, and put onto your provided template or our standard template.

Process 3:  Quality Assurance 
Our Quality Assurance Editors proofread the transcribed report.  This enables us to maintain an accuracy level of 99 percent and above at all times for your medical transcription outsourcing needs.

Process 4:  Delivery of Reports 
Completed reports are uploaded back onto our platform directory for quick access, review, e-signature sign off and printing.

Process 5:  Archival 
We have in place a self-reliant, fault-tolerant archival and retrieval system for better data/audio management and care.  Data files are archived indefinitely or according to your particular needs.