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Transcription Outsourcing, A Legal Transcription Company

Using a Legal Transcription Service Will Save You Time, Money and Hassle

What is legal transcription?  A vendor that can take your recordings, such as your dictated notes, the audio from a deposition or trial, or your recorded interviews, and turn them into readable, easy-to-analyze typed legal transcripts.

Attorneys, paralegals and law firms can save time, money, and resources by outsourcing their legal transcription services, so that your in-house employees can do the work they were hired for.

A Legal Transcriptionist Company is cheaper than doing it In-House

A full-time in-house legal transcriptionist averages $20/hour or $800 per week. You can lower this expense by leveraging Transcription Outsourcing, LLC as your legal transcriptionist company, and save as much as $34K+ annually. More if you need higher volumes of transcription typed and your own people would have had to clock overtime.

Cost effective legal transcription companies help legal professionals save time, lower expenses and divert the savings to more important budgetary items. Make sure you get pricing from your court reporting firm before you call us, because we provide the same services at a much better cost and faster turnaround time.

Payroll, bonuses, promotions, benefit plans, and other human resources costs can be entirely eliminated, because we take on that burden for you.


Other Legal Transcription Company Benefits Include:

  • Give researchers and paralegals more time to do important case work.
  • Enhance the security and privacy of all confidential legal documents.
  • Standardize your typed legal transcripts so they are easy to read and analyze.
  • Quicker typing of your important documents.  Our transcribers can return a typed file in as little as 24 hours.

Court Reporter Comparison

Compared to a court reporter, a court transcription company is more cost effective, has better turnaround time, and is a far friendlier alternative to these traditionally slow-moving and expensive court reporting firms.  Despite being a local small business, we have sizeable teams of legal transcriptionists who can easily handle the high volumes and quick turnaround times typical of urgent-need legal cases.  And because these teams are dispersed all around the country, we can get things done fast and accurately, always able to leverage someone with time available due to time zones.

If certification is needed, as a court transcription company we can easily take care of that prior to file delivery so it shows up to your door (inbox) ready to go.

Call us today if you’re interested in a better experience accompanied by a 25-50% cost savings!

Legal Transcription Company vs. General Transcription Companies

There are key differences in the legal industry that separate Transcription Outsourcing as a legal transcription company compared to companies that have generic packages.

Legal transcription is a bit different than general or other types of transcription services.  These differences should be kept in mind when selecting a vendor, especially if you’re looking at one who doesn’t specifically specialize in legal transcription services.  One thing to keep in mind is legal transcription’s inability to be transmitted electronically or through email.  Completely secure end-to-end transmissions are a must, both for returned transcripts and files sent to the transcription company.  Every transcriptionist typing on your account must be familiar with legal terminology, every time.  The transcriptionist must be familiar with your format and idioms, and all of this must not require you to double-check or review every document you get back.  The best solution is to use a company that specializes in legal transcription services.  We can assure all of these things will be true for your account.

Legal Transcription Services Privacy and Security

Security is important when dealing with confidential legal transcripts, and we know that and follow all of the required security protocols in order to maintain confidentiality and privacy.  Through a good legal transcription company, all data files and legal transcripts are protected from unlawful access with entity authentication.  You transcripts will be automatically encrypted and encoded behind a secure firewall.

All platform interactions are authorized via secure FTP and 128-bit SSL encryption.  Our security protocol also includes network representation, regularly scheduled backups, and VPN connections.

We are an advocate of client privacy and assure your personal data and information remains secure and confidential.  All employees agree to confidentiality and non-disclosure in compliance with today’s legal standards and guidelines for proprietary files.  We can sign your NDA if needed, or send you ours.  Everything is tracked and followed for maximum accountability and transparency.


Transcription Outsourcing, LLC is a member of the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers  Member of the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers


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