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Law Enforcement Transcription Rates

Law Enforcement Transcription Rates


Law Enforcement Transcription Prices With No Hidden Fees

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Our law enforcement transcription rates range from $1.50 to $5.00 per audio minute, with same day service from eight – 10 minutes. Please call our office for an exact price quote.

Transcription prices will vary based on a few things. Verbatim vs. non-verbatim transcription, your turnaround time requirements, the number of speakers in a file, and the audio quality of a file.

We give nothing but the best to our law enforcement clients. Our law enforcement transcription rates are very competitive, our quality is excellent (99%) and we always meet turnaround time.

Law Enforcement Transcription Rates

Rush Rates

(1-2 Business Days)

Standard Rates

(3-5 Business Days)

Extended Rates

(6-10 Business Days)

  Category A  $2.00 / audio minute $1.75 / audio minute $1.50 / audio minute
  Category B  $2.50 / audio minute $2.25 / audio minute $2.00 / audio minute
  Category C  $5.00 / audio minute $3.00 / audio minute $2.50 / audio minute


Our basic rates have been classified into three categories:  AB & C.

Category A: Single person interview or standard one on one interview recorded in digital format.  A few examples of single person narratives would be traffic reports by your officers, crime scene reports, case notes by detectives, or even updates to current cases while out in the field conducting follow up interviews.  One on one interviews of witnesses, suspects, victims, or anyone else involved with a case would fall into this category as well.

Category B: Any interviews with a total of 3 people, any audio with significant noise in the background, and any audio that has voices that are difficult to understand (i.e. poor recording, soft voices, etc.)  Verbatim transcripts will fall into this category.  Interviews with three or more people usually happen with suspects and can be more difficult to transcribe because of the nature of those interviews.  Difficult audio can be caused by anything from wind to background noises from radios or large crowds of people.  Heavy accents and whispering will also be in this category.

Category C: Any audio with four or more speakers; presentations dealing with highly scientific terminology or very thick accents; and panel discussions, focus groups, conference calls, or seminars with multiple participants.  Interviews with three detectives and one suspect fall into this category, as well as a lot of undercover wires that encounter a lot of different people on the recordings.  Please call for an accurate quote.  These are very hard to determine without hearing the actual audio. 

What other Agencies have said:

Got it, looks good. Just wanted to send something over and see how the system works. Very pleased.

Steve W., Commander of Investigations, BPD, Illinois


Sgt. Arkansas State Police

Transcription Outsourcing has rescued us numerous times.  Just when we’re about to go under for the third time, we take a quick gulp of air, and rush some of our overload of work off to them.  In just a few days, back it comes, all finished, in our format and beautiful – and has allowed us to catch up on everything else!  We foresee a long association with Transcription Outsourcing.

Iva M. Supervisor/Records Division Washington

The math on Law Enforcement Transcription Pricing

Law Enforcement transcription can be a grueling and expensive option for departments to take on themselves.  Because of the nature of some of the files needing transcription it can cause turnover and burnout pretty quickly, which means always having to hire new people.  And we all know the time the police officers, and detectives is better spent in the field instead of logging overtime behind a computer screen.  Studies have shown that officers who have less stress and work less overtime are better at their jobs, have lower turnover, and better overall attitudes about their work.  Outsourcing your transcription needs will directly help all of these areas and in turn save you money because there will be less overtime logged and fewer internal employees necessary.


  • For same day service, please call for transcription prices.
  • Transcription Outsourcing, LLC has the right to increase their transcription prices at any time without any prior obligation due to poor audio files, verbatim transcription and more.   However, we will inform you ahead of time of any rate increase before proceeding with your file(s).
  • Transcription prices will be higher for poor-quality audio; however, we will try to inform you prior to doing the work if we face any problem and obtain your permission on whether or not to proceed with your transcription.

Audio difficulties include:

  • Poor quality, fading in and out, static.
  • Lots of background noise that makes it difficult to hear the speakers.
  • Low-speaking voices that cannot be heard.
  • Speakers talking from long distances from the mic.


The transcription pricing listed above does NOT include state of Colorado DMV transcripts.  Transcription prices for state of Colorado DMV transcripts is $3.50/page.

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