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Law Enforcement Professionals Work Hard. Your Law Enforcement Transcription Company Should Too.

Tired of inflexible law enforcement transcription companies not meeting your department’s needs? We can help.

Our experienced law enforcement transcriptionists are highly skilled in law enforcement terminology and the knowledge necessary for fast, accurate and secure law enforcement transcriptions.

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC understands the necessity for confidentiality, integrity and protecting chain-of-custody when producing dependable verbatim transcripts.  Our transcriptionists undergo extensive screenings and qualification background checks that, when coupled with our secure and user-friendly online transcription system, makes our service an extremely reliable choice for your law enforcement transcription needs.

Law enforcement agencies across the country are reducing their transcription backlog with our law enforcement transcription company service while saving significant amounts of time, money, and departmental resources – all of which are especially useful in times of budgetary deficits.

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC Lowers Your Expenses

Law enforcement agencies of all types can benefit from the cost savings associated with outsourcing to the industry leading law enforcement transcription company, Transcription Outsourcing, LLC.

A full-time in-house transcriptionist is expensive, costing as much as $49K annually with salary and benefits.  With Transcription Outsourcing, LLC, the industry leading law enforcement transcription company, you will cut costs and lower expenses by as much as $34K annually on transcription.

It’s always smart to lower expenses and divert the savings to more important budgetary items rather than hiring and retaining an in-house transcriptionist. When you outsource your transcription, you only pay for exactly what you need, when you need it.  There are no worries about keeping transcriptionists busy when there is no work, and there is no worry about overloading the team when a big project comes through.  You just pay for what you need and get great work in return.

Payroll, bonuses, promotions, benefit plans, and other human resources costs can be entirely eliminated. Visit our law enforcement transcription rates page for more detailed pricing.

Law Enforcement Transcription Company costs

Here are other ways law enforcement agencies can benefit from a law enforcement transcription company:

  • Give officers more time to do police work by reducing their administrative tasks.
  • Get more agents on duty by redirecting payroll expenses from administrative duties.
  • Improve confidentiality and security for all sensitive documents with no in-house IT worries.
  • Lower stress levels of officers by reducing overtime and unnecessary desk time.

 Hire a transcription company with experience

At Transcription Outsourcing, we have done all kinds of projects across varying disciplines.  For law enforcement specifically, we work with several prominent state agencies (Arkansas State Police and the Washington State Patrol) to deliver transcripts on-time, and have worked with many of them for years.

Law enforcement offices love us because we cut so much of the work they do not like out of their lives.  Many law enforcement agencies end up hiring temps or staff that are clerical but end up tasked with mountains of backlogs of items to transcribe.  When we show up, all that work disappears and things can flow like normal again, which is good for everyone, including the community.

You really want to make sure all those crazy nicknames for various witnesses and suspects in an investigation do not get confused, for instance, and you need to make sure all accents are well-understood – not everyone speaks clearly or the same way.  Also, ages are very important – confusing ’15’ and ’16’ in a report of abuse is also a critical difference and can often sound quite alike.  Speaker identification is also absolutely critical in multi-speaker law enforcement interviews in a way that isn’t quite true of other fields of transcription.

You want to pick someone with experience because if you don’t, mountains of little mistakes can stack themselves up.  These mistakes can be little errors, misspellings of local streets or getting evidence lists wrong.  We’ve transcribed evidence lists that included over 100 different types of guns, named by make and model, some of them from the 1800s.  This kind of thing requires precision and a great attention to detail.

Transcription Privacy and Security

All transcriptions and other data is protected from unlawful access.  Both dictations and the returned transcripts are automatically encrypted and will remain safe behind a secure firewall.

All interactions with our law enforcement transcription company are completed within our secure FTP and 128 bit SSL encryption.  Our security protocol also includes network redundancy, regular, automated backups, and VPN connections.

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC is a committed law enforcement transcription company that values client privacy and the confidentiality and security of your information.  All of our employees adhere to confidentiality agreements in compliance with current legal requirements and government guidelines for proprietary files.


For more information on our services, please contact our Denver, Colorado office at (720) 287-3710.



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