Police Transcription Services FAQs / How it Works

How Law Enforcement /Police Transcription Services Work Police Transcription Services Step by Step

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC’s Police Transcription Services is an easy 5-step process:

Step 1:  Submission Procedures (Three Options)

Your police transcription services files can be recorded on a digital voice recorder, through our toll-free phone number, or through our free iPhone app. From there they will be uploaded via the internet onto our secured and encrypted servers. Files can also be mailed/overnighted to us or dropped off at our office. Please call 720-287-3710 to coordinate a drop-off.

Step 2:  Transcription 

Your audio files are assigned to a team dedicated to handle specific police transcription services accounts.  Your files are transcribed and put into any customized template or format you require, or we can use our standard template.  This way your documents will be print ready with no work required on your end.

Step 3:  Quality Assurance 

Our Quality Assurance Editors will then proofread the transcribed report.  This enables us to maintain an accuracy level of 99 percent and above at all times for our police transcription services clients.

Step 4:  Delivery of Reports 

Your completed police transcription services reports are either uploaded onto our secure platform for your retrieval or emailed directly back to you for quick access, review and printing.

Step 5:  Archival 

Once a user is finished with a completed report, they can move it to our online archive system. The system is fault-tolerant with redundant backups, and authorized users can pull reports from the archive at any time.  Reports can be archived or deleted according to your department’s retention standards.

Police Transcription Services FAQs

How much do our police transcription services cost? 

Our cost varies based on a number of factors – the audio quality, number of speakers, turnaround time requested, verbatim/non-verbatim requests, etc. Please see our pricing page for more information, or call our Denver, Colorado office at (720) 287-3710 for a personalized price quote.
What if I have a document that needs typed, not an audio file?
We do offer document-to-document police transcription services. Documents that need to be processed can be dropped off, mailed, scanned and emailed, or faxed to us.  We will return your original document once you have approved our work.
How is my dictation/recording processed? 
As soon as we receive the dictation, our experienced police transcription services transcriptionists will start working on your file.  Once it is finished by the transcriptionist, it is then edited for quality assurance (QA) by our QA Editors.  We then send your files back to you either through our secure online platform, email, U.S. mail, FedEx, etc.
How do I retrieve my transcripts? 
Retrieving your police transcription services transcripts from us is simple with our secure online platform.  Log on to your personal user account and you will be able to view and retrieve all of your completed reports.  You have the option to edit and approve your transcripts, as well as print instantly on your letter-head, directly from the platform.  Files can also be emailed back to you depending on your personal and security preferences.
Can I choose when I get my transcriptions back? 
Of course you can.  We value quick turnaround time and accommodating all turnaround time requests, including rush requests for your important files.  In general, we offer a variety of turnaround- time (TAT) options –from  four hour, 12 hour, 24 hour, three to five days, and six to 10 days.
How secure are my police transcripts? 
All interactions between your computer and our system are highly secure and protected by our secure FTP and 128 SSL File Encryption security systems.  Our secure software and transmission protocols also include network redundancy, VPN implementation, and a secure firewall.  Each user has an individual user name, password and PIN number, and detailed tracking and reporting features are available.
How does the free police transcription services trial period work? 
Transcription Outsourcing, LLC’s no-risk free trial allows 100 free minutes of dictation processed.  During this trial period, we will provide you with full police transcription services, including a dedicated account manager, full customer support services, unlimited user accounts, and detailed tracking and reporting features.  We are confident that by the end of your free trial period you’ll be completely satisfied with our company and choose to continue to use our law enforcement / police transcription services.
Will you send my work overseas for processing?
That is a big N-O.  We only hire American transcriptionists, and will never outsource your work to a foreign country.  We know security is extremely important for law enforcement / police transcription services, and will not compromise our security standards by sending work outside of the country.
How do I know I can trust you?
Don’t take our word for it, call our clients!  We can always provide references upon request.