Online Transcription Services

online transcription services

Online transcription services are highly convenient.  With the variety of apps and environments supported by our platform, you can dictate from anywhere.  You can speak directly into your smartphone and expect a quality document within days.  Or you can dictate into your existing handheld recorder and upload the files to our website all in one batch, leave us some notes, and have them back in a week (or sooner).

You can set up a notification right on your phone to let you know when your files are ready that same day. Regardless of the devices you use or where you dictate, our online transcribing services are the easiest way not only to communicate information but to make sure it is presented professionally.

Applications and Environments We Integrate With

If you’re a medical provider, you can use a HIPAA-secured platform to dictate and receive reports right in your inbox. Not only for convenience, online platforms allow typists to get your documents not only quickly, but securely.  Our platform is secured with end-to-end encryption, which means nobody is going to be able to view your patients’ or clients’ notes except you.  (Read more about protecting intellectual property here.)

We work with many platforms and are by no means exclusive to one.  We have several to offer, depending on your needs and where you dictate.  Just tell us what you need!

If your medical office, government agency, or law firm has a cloud based storage service we can integrate directly into it with an API.  That way you can have the finalized transcripts sent directly to the place you need them.  We have the ability to interface with AllScripts, Centricity, Cerner, and NextGen to name a few.  We can also VPN directly into your system and transcribe right there as if we were down the hall from you.


Online Transcription Service vs. Automatic Transcribing

Online transcription services makes tons of sense.  You want real people doing the transcription. There’s no better way to prove that than by picking up your phone and attempting to have a conversation with Siri.  There is no substitute for human intelligence.  Humans can decipher your slang and accents with 99% accuracy, whereas voice recognition might be up to 75% accurate.

If you require speed and accuracy and aren’t a trained voice recognition editor with spare time, the decision is easy to use real people to type the needed transcriptions.  Real people can Google and research everything you throw at them to find out if it’s real and how it’s spelled.  Computers can’t and don’t do that.

You know exactly what machine transcription is like.  You’ve seen the attempts to transcribe your voicemails, for instance.  Sure, it’s free, but it’s more of a creative writing exercise than an accurate insight into the content of your voicemail.  You don’t want clients struggling to grasp the vague meaning of your dictations, not to mention the accuracy of things like numbers or technical language.

Safe, Accurate, and Efficient Online Transcription

Online transcription services are a no-brainer.  From court documents to police reports to medical records to research projects and interviews, many people have a use for transcription, and it makes the most sense for all of them to use an online transcribing service.  For convenience, for speed, and for accuracy — it all makes sense!

With security, speed, convenience, accuracy, and professionalism all at stake, how aren’t you already using an online transcribing service?

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