General Transcription

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC’s General Transcription Services

Whether it is an oral history, a handwritten memoir, an inspiring church sermon or anything else in between, at Transcription Outsourcing, LLC our  experienced general transcription team is able to help you preserve memories or share your project with others.

While general transcription is very broad, it is a specialized field.  At Transcription Outsourcing, LLC we know that each industry has its own set of standards and each file we transcribe follows those standards.  We offer a wide range of general transcription services for individuals, large corporations, small businesses or anything in between.

Your projects will not only be handled quickly and accurately but with professionalism and excitement.General Transcription Services - If You Record It We Can Transcribe It

Each general transcription we complete is submitted and then proofed to ensure accuracy and quality.

If you can record it, we can transcribe it. We also specialize in document-to-document general transcription.  Bring us your handwritten notes, memoirs, or stories and we will return a clean, readable document that is easy for you to edit and share.

Our expertly trained U.S. based general transcription team does not depend on voice recognition, so you can be sure that every document will be the high-quality you expect.

We have completed countless audio and document-to-document general transcription files for several different industries. We have the ability to transcribe files from almost any audio file including CDs, digital files even cassettes and micro cassettes.

Our general transcription services include, but are not limited to:

General Transcription Services – If You Record It

We Can Transcribe It

•General transcription for business calls

Online Transcription Services

•Conference calls

•Dictation notes

•Document-to-document transcription

Dictation Transcription Services

•Business meetings

•Focus groups / market research


•General Transcription Interviews


•Video conferences





•Video captions

•Thesis notes





•Student notes



•And more

If you would like to speak with some of our general transcription clients please ask and we will provide you with any and all references you may need.