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Ben Walker   |   Aug 20, 2014

research transcription services

Do you need research transcription services?

I remember when I was doing my senior research project in college, there was a lot of data, observations and references I collected for my project.  I had a bunch of audio files that I had to put on paper because I knew my professor wouldn’t accept my project on a recorder.  It almost took me longer to type it all out than collect all the data!

Having research transcription services would have come in handy.  It would have been like having my own personal research transcription services assistant.  Research transcription service companies have specially trained people (not a computer!) who are skilled in transcribing my recorded research into coherent words on a page.

Why do I need research transcription services, I’m not a college student?

There are many different professions that can benefit from utilizing research transcription services.

Consumer products market researcher:  when you’re asking the opinions of different people from varying demographics, it would be easier, quicker and more organized to record those into a recording device and then have them transcribed.

Pharmaceutical researcher:  you’re researching the properties of new medicines, trying to make old ones better… free up your hands by dictating your findings and using research transcription services when you’re finished.

Transcription made easy

Easy to use, and friendly support when you need it.

Psychology professionals:  conduct studies on different disorders and ways that behavior modification or certain medications can help or hinder patients. Free up some time to do more interviews or studies by using research transcription services.

These are just a few examples of how research transcription services can be useful and save time.  You don’t even have to be in a professional career to use the services.  And, there’s no contract because you pay as you go.

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