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Ben Walker   |   Oct 2, 2017

podcast transcription service

Why you need podcast transcription service for your SEO to be better

As a business owner, you need to find fun and innovative ways to capture your customers’ attention. A way that is becoming increasingly more popular is to create a podcast. Whether it is a 15-minute clip of audio, or an hour-long show, a podcast can be a unique way to market your business. Posting your podcast transcript to your site makes you stand out, and unfortunately posting it is not enough to get traffic to your website. That all changes when you post the audio transcript along with each podcast.

A podcast transcription can be content for blog posts as well

SEO boils down to one key point. The more written content you have on your site, the easier you are to find on the web. Transcribing a podcast gives you that content needed for a blog post. Andy Baldacci with Hubstaff writes,“Look for common themes among your interviews and tie them together in a detailed blog post.” Baldacci outlines the importance of podcast transcription services including infographics, roundups, meta-analyses, and SEO. There is a way to utilize every part of a podcast transcript so you get the most bang for your buck. You can include the podcast transcript in a single blog post or a multi-source post. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can create a webinar or book based on the podcast content you’ve created.

Posting the podcast transcript is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You get to market yourself in a fun way with the audio, while getting web content needed for SEO purposes.

Cater to the way people learn

It’s important to remember that everyone absorbs information differently. Even though your podcast is full of great content and useful information, it might not resonate with some. You open up options for people when you provide the podcast transcript. Now those that comprehend information better by reading, can read the podcast transcript at their own pace. Also, if someone gets lost while listening, they can read through the transcript instead of finding the exact spot in the audio where they got lost.

Provide a “cheat sheet” for your listeners

For those episodes that are dense and full of information, your listeners will appreciate you posting the podcast transcript on your site. Your listeners can skim through the previous episode transcript before listening to the newest one. They will be able to pick up on information they may have missed the first time they listened to the podcast. They will also appreciate you providing the written word, saving them the effort of scrambling to write notes as you speak.  

Accommodate those who can’t enjoy your content in audio form

Not everyone can utilize lessons that come in audio form. Audio Accessibility reports, “There are over 50 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the USA and many millions who find it much easier to read English than to understand the spoken words.” By having a podcast transcript alongside the audio, you will be able to facilitate to those with hearing disabilities. Additionally, the podcast transcript can help those whose first language is not English. It will be easier for a non-native English speaker to follow your message by seeing it on paper. By including the podcast transcripts on your site, you will now be able to reach a larger audience.

Have a second way to access your podcast when earbuds aren’t accessible

Having a podcast transcript available on your site is helpful to those who seem to have misplaced their earbuds. It is also a nice option for those who can’t listen to the episode in its entirety in one sitting. Your audience will appreciate being able to catch up to your show without having to spend too much time figuring out where they left off last.

Increase the chances of getting quoted

Increase user experience with a podcast transcript by having informational or inspirational quotes ready for your audience to take advantage of. Rather than having your listeners scan through the audio trying to find that amazing quote that resonated with them, you’ll already have it available. Now people can Tweet exactly what you said rather than potentially misquoting you, or not quoting you at all.

Benefits of hiring a podcast transcription service

After you’re done recording an episode, the last thing you want to do is type out everything you said. Good podcasts take a lot of prep work, and while you may already have a script, you could end up deviating from it. The same goes for those whose podcast contains interviews or a Q&A session. Transcribing audio takes time and without the proper training, knowledge, and equipment it could end up being more trouble than it’s worth. With the help of a podcast transcription services company, they will save you that time so you can start working on the next episode.

Podcasts are great for listening to in the car or while on a run. You will not stand out against your competitors with a podcast unless you also provide the transcript. By doing so, you’ll drive more traffic to your site and increase your customers’ user experience.

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