Outsourcing Transcription Saves Money, Increases Efficiency for Medical Facilities

elizabeth   |   Jun 11, 2012

Professional outsourcing transcription services in the medical industry has made a lasting footprint within the fast paced environment of many medical professions.  Whether for a hospital, a private practice, or medical annex, outsourcing transcription often provides crucial support and offers many advantages over in-house transcription.

Most hospitals and doctor’s offices suffer from the simple problem of too many patients and not enough time.  No office wants patients piling up in the waiting room or to have to push appointments to the next day.  Outsourcing transcription services allow medical professionals to concentrate on their most important job: the patient.  Simply put, when health professionals do not have to concentrate on transcription, they can focus more of their energy towards providing top notch medical care to those who need it.

As the health professionals focus on the business of treatment, the corporate side of the medical industry can utilize outsourcing transcription services to make sure the business stays in the proverbial “green.”  A reliable medical outsourcing transcription service allows any private practice, hospital or medical facility to save money in several ways.  Often, on-site staff run into overtime while working their daily job as well as picking up transcription duties.  This overtime is erased when using a reputable outsourcing transcription service.  Headcount along with salary is sometimes specifically reserved for an in-house transcriber.  This headcount and salary can be shuffled to a more essential department or saved entirely when transcription service is utilized.

Like any computer-based profession, transcription requires specific software and equipment to effectively and accurately transcribe different audio files.  When outsourcing transcription, it’s unnecessary for a business to purchase these items.  The money saved by not purchasing these items can be put to a more healthcare-focused use.  Line for line, outsourcing transcription is less economically draining than employing a transcriber outfitted with the proper equipment or pushing employees into overtime by keeping transcription in-house.

Two other beneficial aspects of outsourcing transcription services is timeliness and security.  When it comes to important documentation such as patient medical history or exam reports and laboratory or ER reports, medical transcription can turn a transcription around within 24 hours so health professionals have a detailed and accurate portrait of a patient’s well being.  Patient file and history security is also of paramount importance in the medical field.  A professional outsourcing transcription service will offer top of the line security for file transfer.

The same level of security is offered for data storage.  Unfortunately, it’s a reality that sometimes a particular test result or even an entire file can be misplaced or lost.  Because of this, backup files are an imperative safety blanket.  Most first rate outsourcing transcription services offer secure data storage as a backup for all the files they transcribe.

A professional outsourcing transcription service should always offer a service that is quick, secure and accurate.  The medical industry works best when it’s working efficiently and economically.  Used appropriately, an outsourced medical transcription service will save any business money while allowing healthcare professionals more time to concentrate on more patients.

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