Benefits of Using Transcription for Education / Academic Institutions

elizabeth   |   Jun 20, 2012

The process of teaching has throughout history been rooted in face-to-face interaction. Traditionally that meant that students gathered in a common area with their teacher – typically classrooms or lecture halls – and listened to the professor lecture. However, the increased use of technology in the classroom has changed the way teachers teach and students learn. What once was mostly done in person can now be done remotely, through websites, online forums, email and more. Transcription for education is becoming more important than ever for students who want the option to access their educational materials online.

By transcribing class sessions, students can have access to these lectures online, helping them review and retain important information. These transcripts are an extremely useful study tool, as they are also searchable and provide the entire contents of a lecture, not just what the student managed to take notes on. They can help clarify if a student is having trouble hearing a lecture or understanding their professor. And they are also helpful for professors in answering questions – they can simply point to a specific line in a lecture.

Schools and students can also benefit from recording and transcribing other educational activities, including academic interviews, dissertations, peer group sessions, guest lectures and more. These transcripts are again useful for students in that they can review and further comprehend a topic. They can also be useful if students are not able to attend certain events for whatever reason – they can simply review the material online. Journalism classes and student publications would also find these transcripts helpful in clarifying quotes for articles, or students could use the information for papers or dissertation support, while remaining confident that the information is correct.

Also transcription for education can create an archive for all future students to read and learn from, only increasing the value of their education. It also opens the possibility of allowing students to enroll for online classes or long-distance education programs, increasing the school’s profitability.

Transcription for education also frees professors from having to type class notes or outlines. This valuable time can then be spent elsewhere, such as interacting with students or educational research or writing.

By transcribing educational events such as lectures, group sessions, academic interviews and more, educational institutions increase the value of their student’s education and open up opportunities for more students to attend events or entire classes remotely.

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