Answers to the 3 Questions You Should Ask a Third-Party Vendor

Ben Walker   |   Jun 12, 2017

Transcription Outsourcing recently published an article highlighting the importance of a thorough vetting and evaluation process when it comes to selecting a third-party vendor.


To help you begin building your own plan for assessing potential partners, we examined three questions we always ask third-party vendors we consider doing business with.


And because we fall into the third-party vendor category, we actually get asked questions like these quite a bit. If you’ve been wondering how we answer them, you’re in luck — we’re sharing our responses below:


Question 1: How many years have you been in business?


We’ve been in business for more than six years.


Question 2: How many clients like me have you worked with?

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We’ve worked with such a wide variety of clientele that we can transcribe pretty much anything you throw at us. If a potential client approaches us with a project that requires capabilities we’re not sure we have, we’ll develop those and call them back and let them know we are ready. This often impresses clients, and the initiative it shows can lead to clients choosing us even though we are technically unproven.


Question 3: Do you have at least three references I can call today?


We know how important it is for potential clients to have the assurance that we can perform the tasks we say we can. That’s why we have three former clients ready to provide references as soon as we’re asked. If you do a good job and treat them well, your customers can become some of your best salespeople.


Regardless of whether your company is in the market for a new product (like a digital tool or software platform) or requires knowledge-based work (like accounting services or SEO strategy from a specialty firm), choosing the right partner is entirely up to you. Spend the time it takes to learn everything you can about the business you’re considering partnering with. When it’s time to start working with that team, you’ll be glad you did.


Many people think of choosing a partner as a way to avoid having to learn about a certain skill, but you need to learn enough to make a smart choice when selecting that partner. From that point on, you’re simply saving the effort of having to do the task every day, and you can be confident that you’ve made the best choice.


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