Academic Transcription Services Enable Smarter Research

Ben Walker   |   Oct 14, 2016

Academic transcription services

How Academic Transcription Services Enable Smarter Research

It’s no secret that academics spend a great deal of time doing qualitative research preparing to write bodies of work for their respective programs.  Many will tell you the most tedious part of the process is collecting data and making sure information is accurately cited.

What only some know is that an academic transcription service can help speed the process and eliminate many extra hours spent compiling all the data.

Working with a academic transcription service can save a substantial number of hours. A properly trained research transcription service typically takes between 2 and 4 times the length of the file to transcribe it.  And if you’re not trained in transcription, this process can be agonizingly lengthy: between 9 to 10 hours.

This is time better spent doing valuable activities like research or grant writing.

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Outsourcing Transcription Ensures Accuracy

Not only is time an issue, though — accuracy is also essential, both to quantitative and qualitative research.

The chance of errors is markedly increased when research staff or interns transcribe, let alone the student themselves in the midst of a research crunch.  Plus, discovering errors on later review requires digging through and correcting things — more resources you may not have.

With all of these things in mind, academic transcription services free up time so researchers can spend more time doing proper interviews, leading to better results.  Plus your interviews will feel way less stressful when you know you’ll get the transcripts back quickly and accurately instead of hours spent reviewing your own voice.

Academic and research clients love the extra time that they gain, specifically when it comes to taking notes during the interviews.

Freeing Up Your Time Will Lead to Peace of Mind

It’s easy to consider an academic transcription service a luxury, especially when considering how far your funding can stretch, but the extra time you save with a quick turnaround time is so valuable.  Making sure the academic transcription company is reputable is a must.  A dependable, communicable service that looks out for the researchers is critical to success.  In other words, find someone that has a history of successfully partnering with academia.  You don’t want someone with the same abilities as you best-guessing.  You want someone who knows or can find out exactly what it is you’re needing.

Do the numbers — it’s a net gain to have your academic/research transcription outsourced to someone who knows what they’re doing.  It’s a major productivity boost for academics.

How Much Time Can an Academic Transcription Service Save Me?

If you have 30 hours of audio/video files, it will take us 120 man-hours to provide 99% accuracy.  By contrast, the same 30 hours would take an untrained person 270+ hours to transcribe with accuracies most likely hovering around 80%.  That’s eleven and a quarter days of doing nothing but transcription, including no sleep (but that’s probably already the assumption in academics), not even including how much time it would take you to do a final review pass where you catch all the mistakes you made and all the things that don’t make sense.

By using an academic transcription service, academics can have their work sent back to them as soon as a couple days and continue on without being interrupted and having to invest their time and resources on transcribing.  It’s more than likely spending time on transcription is not the reason someone went into academia and research.


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